24 de dez de 2011

Bh Cavalo de Hipismo mas para Adestramento mesmo!

O BH, cavalo national do Brazil foi muito tempo e ainda uma forço serio de Hipismo International pode mesmo ficar "TOP" na pistas de adestramento. O sengue de BH isto diretomente na Europa e o mesmo sengue de cavalos ganhando Adestramento em Jogos Olimpico, Jogos Mundias, Pan Americano e Jogos America de Sul mas nao usuado! Nos precisa leva uma raça national do Brazil pra participa e trazer ogulho para os criadores de BH. Agora nos precisa pensar na frente e consegue!!!!

30 de jan de 2009


It is important to believe that like all other breeds the Arabian is also talented in Classical Dressage. There have been numerous Arab horses trained and competed to the higher levels in Dressage as far as the Grand Prix Level (Olympic level). One horse noted in particular is Serr Mariner of Los Alamos training center In New Jersey, U.S.A. An extraordinary horse trained under saddle and in the long reins by the late Major Hector Carmona and shown under saddle by his wife Gail Hoff Carmona.
As a light, elegant horse full of intelligence and heart, it is recommended that the training be highly technical and full of patience due to the sensitive nature of this breed. Throughout the Arab Nations the Arabian is adored and highly respected and the rest of the world needs to become familiar with this rare desert jewels other abilities and begin to believe that there might possibly be another World Contender or An International dressage champion.
A group of approximately 10 – 20 horses should be gathered to be trained and competed nationally and internationally. Marketing of the Arabians training and competition results are important to create an alternative and positive outlook for those enthusiast about their abilities and will encourage new prospective admirers to aid in the growth of the Arabians newly acquired venture.
A training center specifically for the Arab horse will separate and aim focus solely on these horses and will enable the horses to be trained in peace without prejudice in comparison to the other more popular breeds. An Oasis full of Arabian ambience. Corporate sponsorship is vital to assist in promoting the breed as is internet marketing and direct communication with the Arab nations as they are the backbone of the breed’s existence!!!
True Art in the living, Poetry in motion, the Equine Baryshnikov, yes let them dance.